Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Luke's Advent Day 6

December 6 Day 6 in our Advent reading of the book of Luke. Here is the link to Luke 6 in the NIRV.

To think about:

1. What does it mean that Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath Day? (v. 5) Does this passage teach us to throw out all our religious traditions?

2. How did Jesus prepare himself before making a significant decision? (6:12-13)

3. What are some characteristics of Jesus that are seen in this chapter?

4. Do you have a tendency to be judgmental? What does Jesus have to say to you about that? (6:37-42) What is the "log in your eye" that you need to take care of today?

5 Reread verses 46-49. Is your life built on shifting sand or on the solid rock?