Friday, December 9, 2011

Belated post for Luke's Advent Day 7&8

Yikes! Where did this week go? I thought I had only missed one day but it appears I missed 2 days in posting and reading in Luke. Guess I best get caught up RIGHT NOW.

Dec 7 --Luke 7

1. The Roman commander had great faith in Jesus to heal his servant. What was the one characteristic of Jesus that this Roman understood and emphasized with his words and actions? (7:1-10)

2. What did Jesus do in verses 11-16? Do you ever think that your problem is too big or too hard for God to fix? How does it compare to what this widowed mother faced on her way to bury her only son? Thank God for his power over life and death today.

3. Why might John be needing reassurance from Jesus that he was who John had proclaimed him to be? (See Matthew 11:2) How did Jesus respond to John? (7:18-29)

4. According to Luke 7:36-50 who loved Jesus most? What is the normal response from one who has been forgiven of great sin or great debt? How does your demonstration of love and thankfulness to God compare to the woman in these verses?

Dec 8 -- Luke 8

1. In verses 1-3 Luke mentions some others besides the twelve disciples who were with Jesus. Who were they and why do you think they were recorded by name in this chapter?

2. In the parable of the sower and the seed, Jesus explained to his disciples the significance of the seed being God's message and the different soils representing the hearts of the different people who hear that message. What kind of soil are you? Does Jesus ever condemn the sower for "wasting" his seed by throwing in onto poor soil?

3. The remainder of chapter 8 tells of miracles performed by Jesus. Do you have a favorite story out of these? Why?