Thursday, December 22, 2011

Luke's Advent Day 20 & 21

Dec 20 -- Luke 20

1. What wise strategy did Jesus use to deal with those who were trying to trap him with their questions? (20:1-8)

2. What other ways did Jesus respond to those whose main goal was to trick him or catch him saying or doing something they could arrest him for? (20:9-19;20-28;27-40)

3. For what things would the Pharisees be punished by God? (20:45-47)

Dec 21 -- Luke 21

1. What is most important in the worth of our offerings to God? Does this mean we are to put all the money we have in the offering plate every week? (21:1-4)

2. What are some of the signs Jesus gave of the end times?

3. Will earth as we know it be around forever? What is the one thing mentioned in this chapter that will never pass away?