Friday, March 27, 2009

focus, focus, focus

I think that I waste a lot of time by not being focussed on a specific goal. I flit from room to room and from task to task because everywhere I look I see something that "needs to be done" or (more often) that I want to do. I think if I would stop for a couple of minutes each day and refine my focus and determine my goals (and learn how to make a REASONABLE list) I would find things going much smoother and would probably see that I am making better progress on "eating the elephant". I am going to try out my new theory for the next 6 days as I prepare the house for houseguests over Easter weekend and pack the family for our vacation the week before Easter. See the timeline there? I need to have the house ready BEFORE we leave on vacation. The only way that will work is with some focus, focus, focus.
Wednesday's post showed me that I was a bit too vague in what I wanted to accomplish in those 90 minutes before picking up the kids. I was also overly optomistic in how much I could get done. Put away all the food I bought at the market, make lunch, do a massive decluttering, straighten up the house etc etc etc. Who am I kidding? I had nothing more to bring to the donation center but the 2 bags that are in the back of the car from last week. I putzed about in the kitchen for the whole time and didn't have time to drive by on the way to the school. I barely got my "small thing" done from Rachel's Home Sanctuary site.
So today I have one focus for the morning.... I must finish filing our taxes! I do not want this hanging over my head for our vacation so I have determined that today is the day it will get done. I started yesterday but had to stop when school was out and never got back to it. I have 4 hours before I have to pick up the kids and it should not take even half that long. Once that is done I will look at the time and determine my focus for the rest of the morning. Let's see if this new approach makes a difference.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

back for some teeny bites

This poor blog is feeling so neglected. I've gotten hooked into facebook, updating my status regularly but I realize there are friends and family that have not (and probably never will) join facebook so I may try my hand at some quick posts here. Maybe if I pretend that I am limited in my # of characters like on my facebook status updates, I can improve my editing skills and learn how to be brief.

Today I hit the local outdoor produce market. Only planned to get two things so I didn't bring the rolling cart. Bad move ... I ended up lugging 8 bags totalling more than 25 lbs to the car. Ouch! I just couldn't resist some of the prices and I know my family will appreciate eating the healthy stuff. They are so much better than I am in their eating habits. So, sometime this week we will have zucchini soup, cream of broccoli soup (for my husband who is still needing to have soft foods), brussel sprouts, coleslaw, cucumber salad, strawberries, pears and apples. My mouth is watering already (well, all except the brussel sprouts)
I have 90 minutes till I have to go pick up the kids at school. Let's see what I can rustle up for lunch and how many bags of stuff I can declutter from the house to leave a the donation center on my way to pick them up.