Friday, December 9, 2011

Back on track with Luke's Advent Day 9

Dec 9 -- Luke 9

1. Why did Herod want to see Jesus? (9:1-9)

2. The disciples saw the great need of the multitude and how far short their measly lunch fell of what was necessary to feed the people. Jesus took what they had and saw how He could take it and transform it to meet the need of the people. How do you normally come to God when you are overwhelmed with something "impossible"? How do you think God is viewing your current situation?

3. How do you know that Jesus did not just give the multitudes a bite or two -- just enough to quiet the hunger pangs -- but gave them more than what they needed? (9:16-17)

4. Several times in this chapter Jesus' disciples did or said something that showed that they really didn't understand what Jesus was doing or what he was teaching. Can you find any examples? Why do you think the disciples were doing/saying/asking these things? What was the specific instruction they had been given by God that they were missing? (9:35)