Saturday, March 15, 2008

on break

I'll most likely be on a blogging break as I spend some time enjoying my sister-in-law's visit and squeezing every memory out of her time with us. It has been wonderful and it's only been 5 days so far. We drove to the coast and walked along the beach this afternoon. I can feel the tension of some tough months melting away already. I know this time is crucial for my husband as well. I pray we are refreshed both physically and spiritually as we work to have a good mix between rest and sightseeing. We will check our mail and facebook as regularly as we can get over to this coffee house with internet connection but no pictures until I get back home to my own computer or find a place with wifi that I can use my own laptop to connect.

Only 2 minutes left of my 20 minutes online so I must close.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Meanderings on the fly

Monday 8:30am and I am looking at the day ahead of me.
1. Son #3 needs to go to urgent care for his sore throat that now includes fever of 101.6. Done. Went to 2 pharmacies looking for the antibiotic the Dr. prescribed for his tonsillitis. Neither had it in stock so I went back to the one closest to our house and ordered it -- it will be in tonight at 5:30. We´ve already had quite the discussion on germs and below you can view his "art therapy". Ü

We do plan an all out attack on the germs, praying that this will not spread to anyone else this week and mess up the vacation days at the shore for anyone.
2. Expense reports need to be filed in order to be reimbursed this week.
3. Sister-in-law arrives tomorrow, Lord willing and the Columbus, Ohio airport cooperating. My, oh my, and this apartment is sooooooooo not ready.
4. Elementary newspaper (headed up by one other mother and I) is almost ready to be "put to bed" (is that what they call it when it is ready to print?) but needs a bit more layout work on our part. -- Scheduled for this evening at her house.
5. Menu is semi-planned for the week, trying to include several typical Spanish meals for the SIL to try. I will try to get it added to this post later today. -- Not done yet but the soup for dinner is in the crockpot as I type.

I know today´s post is more of just a "to do" list rather than a true Monday Meandering but I have missed my Monday posts and this is better than nothing in my humble opinion. Check out Tiany´s for others plans and goals for the week.

Now, it is off to work on checking something else off this list and then I will reward myself by coming back and updating this post throughout the day. Hopefully by the time the SIL is in the air (4pm EST) I will have a lot more writing in italics than I do now.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday:Wedding Out-takes

What you get when you let your 12 year old have the digital camera at the wedding, because you are busy before and during the ceremony.

Total strangers milling around outside

Side shots

downward angle shots

Silly faces

More silly faces

Baby shots

More baby shots (there were actually more than a half dozen of this little girl)


More close-ups .... REALLY close up

Blurry/out of focus shots

More blurriness

And a few nice candids like this one

And this one.

Here is one that I shot while the photographer was getting some shots of the wedding party. Princess is the last girl on the right and #2 son is third in from the left.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Speaking my love language

My 7 year old greeted me as I came out of the bathroom after my morning shower. He was soooooo proud of himself ... he had already made his own bed and gotten his room "house fairy ready" and decided to make my bed too since he noticed I hadn't done it first thing as I normally do.
Never mind that there are no sheets under there (I had stripped them and was going to make up the bed with fresh sheets after dropping the kids off at school.) This kid is speaking my love language (acts of service) and he hasn't even read Chapman's book. You can bet he got a big hug and kiss (his love language is touch. Ü) and I will just quietly put sheets on today and sneak that comforter on just the way he had it before he gets home from school.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

too busy to blog

Sorry for the absence lately. It seems that things are not dying down as I thought they would after the wedding that Princess was in. I also have my sister in law arriving next week for a 2 1/2 week visit and we are all going to the shore for Easter week. Trying to tackle a general pickup in the whole house before she arrives. She has more decorating sense in her little finger than I have in my whole body so I am hoping she can help me pull the living room together a bit more.