Wednesday, April 25, 2007

WFMW: Nothing Says I love you like ...

Clean underwear.
At least that´s what Flylady says. I´ve been working hard to establish a habit of tackling a load or two of laundry every day which seems to be what I need to keep up with the dirty clothes this family of six creates. I thought I was doing pretty well until one day when hubby mentioned that his "unmentionables" drawer was empty and could I please do a load of whites that day.
I felt awful. I had let him down.
But how, pray tell, could he have run out of BVDs when everyone else was well stocked in the undie department? The answer became clear when I paused to look at my three laundry hampers that I use to sort the mini mount washmores.
I have a black bin for darks, a light blue bin for lights and a white one for (you guessed it) whites. Since it was winter, most of our clothing fell into the blue and black container and, since the items that were going into the white hamper were also fewer and much less bulky, when I would look at the hampers I was always grabbing the ones that looked fullest to start a load. Why were the rest of us not running out? Because we all (except Dad) have at least some colored undies. While our white underthings were still having a party with Dad´s BVD´s in the white hamper, we still had shorts that were making it into the washer with our sweatshirts and jeans.
So what works for me (at least until the next time hubby needs to buy unmentionables) is to plan to run a load of whites every Tuesday and Saturday, no matter how small the load appears. And the next time we shop for clothes I'll make sure that EVERYONE has both white and colored items in the underwear drawer.
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