Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Bite #16: Just jump back in and start nibbling

If you are like me your schedule is starting to overflow and the deadlines are starting to roll around on the calendar. Don't throw in the towel yet! Just take some minutes each morning and plan your attack on the day to nibble away at the elephant-sized task(s) before you.
Here are some ideas to get you going based on what I am doing this week:

I drove my son to a retreat in northern Spain this week. Put 880 km on the car over two days. (About 5-6 hours in the car each day due to weather conditions). Will you be travelling somewhere this season? Take a minute or two and get the trash out of your backseats and trunk, check the tire pressure, oil, wiper fluid, etc. and pick up some of your snacks for the trip when you hit the grocery store this week. (My niece was impressed with my bags of goodies for the road trip. Just call me the junk food queen. We had ham and cheese sandwiches on cute little rolls called medianoches, Pringles, bugles, nuts (cashews since my one son with a cashew allergy was not with us), almonds and peanuts, cans of soda and bottles of water, Snickers bars and mint chocolate bars, and left over gingersnaps from the cookie jar. Yum. I will have to do some serious walking to work all that off.

Do you do advent calendars? So you are 5 days behind .... no problem. Why not get it out and start tonight? My kids love this tradition. It has nothing to do with the fact that we do the chocolate ones and they each get a little piece of chocolate each day. Nope, nothing at all to do with that.

Don't let yourself get surprised with late fees or credit card shocks. Decide on a DAY AND TIME to check out the balance in your accounts and make sure the bills are paid on time. I just realized that one CC account is due tomorrow and one is due Monday. I am making the online payments today. Your shopping deals are not deals if they come with additional finance charges or late fees.

Well, those are my bites for this week. This weekend is a busy one at church and next week we will try to fit in a couple of tourist days since it is my niece's last week with us. (boo hoo).


I finally got to the computer to see if I could post a quick Holiday Bite and found that the #15 one from last week never got past draft mode. I can't stand to see my time wasted so I went ahead and hit publish anyway. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a great time celebrating with some good friends and eating the most delicious apple pie ever. (I have to get her to give me her recipe.)