Thursday, December 15, 2011

Luke's Advent Day 15

Dec 15 -- Luke 15

1. Who were the "sinners" who were crowding around Jesus? How did he respond to them? What did the Pharisees think of all this? (15:1-7)

2. What is the main thing that all three stories in this chapter have in common? The sheep, the coin and the son?

3. What was the attitude of the lost son when he returned home to his Father? What was the Father's response? What should our attitude be towards God the Father? (15:11-31)

This chapter is very timely as just last night I was watching an excellent Christmas program by the AWANA kids in our church. The whole theme was on being LOST (both physically and spiritually) and our need for someone to come and FIND us. Praise the Lord, HE FOUND ME and saved my soul from it's lost condition. It is the whole reason I am able to celebrate this Christmas season with any kind of meaning.