Thursday, December 15, 2011

Luke's Advent Day 13 & 14

Dec 13 -- Luke 13

1. Are there different degrees of guilt before God for our sins? What is the punishment for sin? (13:1-4)

2. What explanation did Jesus give for "breaking the rules" about working on the Sabbath by healing a woman on that day? Was it sin to disobey the laws of the Pharisees? (13:10-17)

3. Why was Jesus sad as he looked over Jerusalem? (13:31-35)

Dec 14 -- Luke 14

1. Yesterday's question #2 was the same thing Jesus asked the Pharisees in Luke 14. What was their answer? (14:1-6)

2. What does Jesus teach us about how we should view ourselves and others if we are to be truly blessed? (14:7-13)

3. What is the #1 characteristic of a true disciple (follower) of Jesus Christ? (14:25-33)