Monday, December 5, 2011

Luke's Advent Day 3 & 4

We were out of the house all day Saturday and Sunday and I did not have these discussion questions written up ahead of time (I am writing them as I do the daily readings) but I will go ahead and post them now so that I will have a complete set for future years.

Day 3 -- Luke 3

1. Who fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah?

2. John spoke to the people in two ways. What are the two types of message he had? (3:18)

3. How do we see the trinity (God in 3 persons) displayed in verses 21 & 22?

Day 4 -- Luke 4

1. Jesus was tempted by Satan three times. Can you see how the three temptations match up with the three descriptions of our sinful nature in 1 John 2:16?

2. How did Jesus respond to Satan at each temptation? What can you learn from his example when you are faced with temptation to sin?

3. What was it about Jesus's words and deeds that amazed the people? (4:32 & 36)