Monday, December 5, 2011

Luke's Advent Day 5

Monday, Dec 5. The busy weekend is done and I can get back on track with my Scriptural advent calendar. It has been tough (read impossible) to do this as a family yet but I, at least, am enjoying it inmensely.

Dec 5 -- Luke 5

1. This chapter records the names of some men that Jesus specifically called to be his disciples and follow him. Which ones are recorded in Luke 5 and what were their jobs? (verses 9-11, 27-28)

2. Jesus healed many people of disease and demon possesion. Which ones were mentioned in Luke 5 and what instruction(s) did Jesus give them once they were healed? (verses 12-14, 18-24)

3. How did Jesus deal with the pressure of crowds of people surrounding him and coming to him with such great needs? (5:16)
What should be the first thing on your "to do" list, especially on your most busy and stressful days?

4. What examples can we follow as we look at the people involved in the account of the man who could not walk? Can we see ourselves in similar circumstances? (5:17-25)

The man with the need:
The friends of the man with the need:
The onlookers who saw Jesus do a great work for the man with the need: