Saturday, May 12, 2007

You made me what I am today

Dear #1 son,

12 years ago I celebrated my very first mother's day. You were still growing within me and had several months still before you made your entrance into this world. At that point, the only "child" I had in my house was our big fat kitten, Ricki. That mother's day morning I tried to "help" Ricki (who was already quite a large cat) down from the windowsill and I remember he clawed me rather badly leaving horrible scratch marks down my front and belly. I remember thinking that I would be explaining them the next day as I went for an ultrasound that I hoped would let me find out if you were going to be little AmyLynne or the as-yet-to-be-named male child. Of course, you turned out to be the latter and your name still eluded us until the day after your birth.
I have watched you working so hard in the last two days to prepare a special "movie of the kids" for me for mother's day. I love the creativity and imagination that God has given you and the way you are using those gifts to bless me on my special day. I love the special one of a kind books that you write and illustrate for me every Christmas. They always show that you have taken time to learn something new about me and the things I love. Today I walked in to find a large bouquet of some of my favorite flowers that you managed to sneak out of the house and buy at the local florist shop. I was so proud of you for looking up the vocabulary in your dictionary and figuring out how to buy what you wanted all by yourself! What a privilege to be the "first girl" you ever bought flowers for. And all with your own money! Wow, do I feel loved!
You and I have navigated the waters of mommyhood and sonship together these last eleven and a half years. I've made many mistakes and have learned with you what I should do better with your younger siblings. You have been gracious to me and so forgiving when I have failed you. Thank you for rolling with the punches so well.
Today as I hugged you and thanked you for the flowers I looked straight into your eyes. This will be the last mother's day that I'll be able to do that. I'm sure I will spend the rest of my life looking up to you. I'm also sure that it will not be solely a matter of height. You are turning into quite the young man and it is hard to remember that little 7 lb. bundle of joy that I met for the first time Sept 19, 1995.
I just want you to know how special you are to me and to say thank you for making me what I am today ... a Mom.