Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday: Kid Stuff

First off, the tackle from last week on developing good habits is going well, but we're still all having our share of setbacks. The kids have had a pretty good attitude about it all. My eldest even came up with a fun rendition of the "daily chores" you can read here. Now on to this week.

My little princess learned a hard lesson yesterday. Praise the Lord she wasn't hurt doing it. She learned that you can't open ALL the drawers of her dresser AT THE SAME TIME. (Oh, and big brother, who was in the room with her at the time, also learned that lesson ... although he managed to not be under the dresser when it fell.) Part of this week's tackle came last night, after I got Princess out from under the 6 drawered monster. That was picking up all of the items that were all over the floor. Some were there before the fall, others were there because of it. (She had a bunch of stuff on top of her dresser that fell with it.) This HAD to be done right away because one of the things that fell was a cheap dollar store mirror and when it fell it smashed to pieces. So, the floor is cleared and vacuumed, but then I crashed and had no more energy for finishing the job. I hope to get in there today and put away the rest of the clutter.
My sons have a school program tomorrow night and I have to dress the first grader as an Indian. I worked late last night on sewing some homemade fringe onto a pair of his brown jeans. Today I will finish making him a spear to carry and will round up everything that he and his brother need to wear tomorrow night so it is ready to change into after school.
The last tackle was one I just finished. Princess asked me if I would please play with her so I set the timer for 30 minutes and we played a quick game of Sorry. It was fun and we even finished with 5 minutes to spare.
I'll try to post pictures of the finished bedroom later.
To see the offending dresser, click here.
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ComfyDenim said...

Those dressers can be quite the monster when knocked over. I'm glad no one was hurt.

Happy Tackling!

RaesMom said...

Glad to hear no one was hurt. Our dressers are piled with stuff on top of them. That may be next week's tackle. :)

tegdirb92 said...

yes, that has happened to us before--I'm glad she was not hurt! Have a great Tuesday.

jennyr said...

oh my, i am glad ur kids are fine...my youngest seems to be more clumsy nowadays and gets hurt easily...goodluck in your tackle!

Marcia said...

At least your daughter wasn't hurt - I also learnt that lesson the hard way ;)

Okay, I seriously love your tagline. You and I are going to get along famously.

Come visit my blog and you'll see what i mean.

Crystal said...

Sounds like you had a good week - best of luck with your next tackle:)