Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday: Expense Reports

I'm hoping that merely posting to the world my plans for today (actually this is my project for the week) will help me to actually get it done! We are several months behind in filing expense reports for various expenses that we have paid for out of pocket and now need to be reimbursed to us. It's not a picture type post but maybe if the total is impressive enough I will post the end result. The due date is this Friday in order to get the reimbursement in our next paycheck so let's see how many months reports I can finish by then.
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Update: Well, I only finished one month's report before the deadline but the total was almost 4 figures! There was even a plane ticket on that month. Hello ... we don't have that kind of "extra" cash lying around to spend and not get back right away. No wonder I've been feeling a bit strapped lately. Now I'm motivated to just keep working on the next few months even tho I've missed this deadline, I can get them ready for the next one in just 2 weeks.