Wednesday, May 9, 2007

WFMW: Homemade Mother's Day (and Father's Day) Cards

Sunday was Mother´s Day here in Spain. Being in a new church ministry this year we quickly learned what they were used to at the new church. The church had a small gift for each of the ladies (there were 6 of us). Hubby took charge of choosing the gift and then,armed with my trusty curling ribbon, I helped him to spiff up the presentation a bit. I also made a request to my three boys to sing a special song for the service and they did a nice job.
Being THE sunday school teacher makes it a little awkward when it comes to helping the kids make your own mother´s day card but I just took a deep breath and dove in. I found some heart shaped boxes of chocolates at the grocery store for 1 euro each and cut red construction paper into a heart a bit larger than the box. Then I printed out Te Quiero, Mama (I love you, Mom) and cut that into a smaller white heart. I had the nursery kids "decorate and sign their names" on that heart and then glued them to the front of the chocolate box. They also had a coloring paper that said Happy Mother´s Day and had a verse at the bottom. The older kids (my class) made more complicated cards. For Father´s Day (which is in March here) they made cards that looked like a man´s shirt and tie. Instructions for those adorable cards can be found HERE.
For Mother´s Day they made purses. Once again, the instructions are found over at FAMILY FUN. We glued verses in the inside (Proverbs 31: 27-29) and they decorated them however they liked. My very detail oriented sons had fun filling "my purse" with cell phones, lipstick, wallets overflowing with cash (I wish!) and the youngest one even had a couple of swords in there. All in all, I think they turned out rather nice.

Homemade cards .... works for me! Head on over to Shannon's for more Works For Me Wednesday tips!