Thursday, May 24, 2007

Coping with Mom's New Motto

What do you do when you are an eleven year old boy and Mom has just decided to stir things up at home and post (gasp!) a list of things that have to be done before you can play????

If you happen to be my little 6th grader and Star Wars freak, you turn that list into something you won't mind reading or looking at. This is what #1 son came up with complete with the "official" star wars lettering on top and a couple of clip art pictures of Darth Vader et al. I had to laugh when I read it. I have to admit it is much more interesting than my version.

Do these before playing with galactic play things, watching moving picture device or reading.
Ready for Yoda inspection, clothed, fed, red (sic) Bible
Do these before using electronic devices, watching moving picture device or video game machines.
Jedi temple schoolwork finished. Ten minutes in galactic zone. Food containment devices cleared.
School objects containment device ready for Jedi training, food containment devices cleared, Give Darth Vader 5 minutes of labor to declutter the Death Star.

Is it just me or is this vocabulary a bit beyond the average 6th grader?