Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tastebud homesickness

My friend Julie (at least she used to be Ü) changes the photo on her header bar with great regularity. I stopped by this afternoon and saw the most incredible close up shot of a S'more. You know, that ooey, gooey, chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker sandwich that is synonymous with barbecues, Memorial Day, 4th of July and other assorted summertime get togethers where there is an open fire or grill to toast those delicious white globs of sugar.

Here is what I posted in her comments:
OK, I just HAVE to come out of lurking to comment on that incredible picture in your header bar. THAT IS JUST SOOOOO UNFAIR!!!! I am referring to the fact that unless you can and want to spend a small fortune (and I am not kidding) at the American import store -- NONE of the ingredients in that S'more are available in Spain. No graham crackers (boo hoo), no "real" marshmallows (boo hoo hoo), and no Hershey's bars (Waaaaaaaa!) There are substitutes for all three (Maria cookies, strawberry flavored marshmallow that only melt .. they do not toast, and many other brands of milk chocolate.) Somehow trying to put the substitutes together make you end up with "Whatwas that?????" rather than "S'more ... and make it snappy!"
I am jealous .. and I hope you change your header soon. Great photo though. Loved the angle.

Living overseas affords my tastebuds an incredible array of great food choices, things which I miss when I am not here. Some of my favorite things here are lentils, chorizo (sausage), several different cheeses, Napolitanas (pastry filled with cream or chocolate), churros with super thick hot chocolate, lemon soda, Casera (another soda that is practically no calorie and has a very light flavor), croquettes, spanish tortilla, and the delicious long loaves of bread that we buy almost daily.

There are a few items that my tastebuds miss from the good old U.S. of A. A few, but not an exhaustive list by any means, are Reese's peanut butter cups, Reese's pieces, York peppermint patties, mild italian sausage, breakfast sausage, some cuts of meat like Swiss steak and thick, butterfly cut pork chops, cheap turkey available year round, Marshmallow fluff, Froot Loops, and all things cranberry or grape flavored. Many of these things I don't really think about and miss that much because I am enjoying the "unique to Spain" things. It's just that every once in a while I am hit with a taste memory that triggers a craving that cannot be satisfied. I will be dreaming of s'mores tonight I think.

Good thing I have friends coming to visit me in July. I'm thinking I need to add marshmallows, graham crackers and Hershey bars to the grocery list I am giving them for one of their suitcases.


Scooter Finazzio said...

Ok now it is my turn :) we dont have cheese, unless we want to go to the incredibly expensive store here and get some shipped here from new zealand...and then I have to convince some friends to pitch in and buy some of it. All the smore ingredients...nope. Tortillas...oh i miss them but we are learning to make our own. BREAD>>>>>>>chinese dont believe in good bread here. :( BUT...i have lots of things I do like. I am a huge fan of rice so I live in the right place :) Interesting to hear what other countries have/don't have.

madridmom said...

Now I feel the need to remind you see my posts on SPANISH tortillas here, and here
I'm talking about a thick omelette made with eggs, onions and potatoes, not the thin flour tortillas you use to make burritos or soft tacos.