Thursday, May 1, 2008

Holiday bites

Today and tomorrow are holidays here in Spain and in Madrid in particular. I think one day is Independence day and the other is a Madrid area holiday but I don't know which is which. all that is important is that the kids are off school and even my hubby doesn't have to go anywhere because the store is closed. He does have a bunch of work to do from the home computer so this will be quick so that I can get off the computer and let him have access to it. I will make my list fairly short and hopefully will be able to cross things off later in the day and still have time for some fun with the family on our day together.
Bites towards the May Deadline Projects:
1. Translate for 1/2 hour on VBS material.
2. Make another phone call to the states for info.
3. Measure, cut out and sew the tunic part of #2 son's costume for the school play.
4. Gather credit card statements for 1/2 hour.

Home bites:
1. Do two loads of laundry completely (all the way to being folded and put away)
2. Follow the menu for lunch and dinner.
3. Have banana splits for a fun dessert with the family. Hmmmm, do you notice a daily ice cream pattern? This is not good for my ever expanding figure. We may have to come up with a better alternative and break this pattern before it is too late.
4. Straighten my bedroom. The plans to move the big piece of furniture out fell through so I have some more time before having to deal with that mess but I need to find the floor again and get some unwearable clothes out of the closet and dresser and off to the charity bin.