Monday, May 12, 2008

Big Bites for Monday

OK, I know the concept of little bites sounds great, but when you are really behind and the deadlines are looming closer it's time to kick it up a notch. Much of today has already gone by (it is 4:30 already) but I need to get some big bites out of the way today and I think that will go a long way towards helping me get my momentum going so that I reach my "finish line" on time.

I painted sets this morning for 2 hours. I almost finished the headboard and footboard for the princess bed. I hope to finish them tomorrow and then may just have to sweetly give my apologies to the other ladies but I am going to have to excuse myself from Wednesday. We are almost done so maybe we will have a good group there tomorrow and get it all done.

There's nothing like the lack of clean undergarments to get this Mom to tackle the laundry. The second load of laundry is in the washer right now, the first is in the dryer. A couple of loads from the weekend are on the table in the laundry room. Today I will get this
cleared off and put away, along with the things that are currently washing.

As I do that I will clean this

If I have time, I will get rid of the clutter here so I can be greeted to a better sight when I enter the apartment.

I am really hoping that those bites in the housework will help me have a more restful night and be able to focus my attention on other tasks tomorrow.

:::::UPDATE:::: It is now Tuesday and I thought I would post some pictures of the progress so far and go ahead and link this to the Tackle it Tuesday meme.

As of last night at bedtime the laundry room table looked like this:
One lone sock waiting for it's mate

The kitchen looked like this:

The hallway did not get decluttered but instead I decided to do the small thing challenge over at Home Sanctuary and swept and mopped the kitchen and the front hallway areas. So the front hallway shelf still needs to be cleared but the floors are at least nice and clean.

Today we made good progress in the set painting. The princess bed is almost done, (headboard and footboard, the rose arbor is done, and thanks to my idea to cut some sponges in leaf shapes, the trees in the forrest are well on their way to being done.


Cindy said...

Alice, you tire me out just reading all you are doing! Wish I could be there to help. I'm pretty good at matching socks . . . Hope you get some time to rest while you are in the states. And . . . ice cream is a good treat for every day!

THopgood said...

WOW! You're a busy woman. Great tackle!

The Healthy Mom said...

Great job cleaning up! I think I need to learn a little from you.

Cascia @ Healthy Moms

Anonymous said...

wow! great job! i love the headboard!