Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Meanderings: May 5-11

The weekend was not as productive as I had hoped, although I did get a few things done (some from my goal list and others not). Princess is persistent, just like her Mama, and will a few more nudges I will be able to declare the long drawn out process of redecorating her room "finished". The goal list for today has to be fairly short to allow for a lot of time today on public transportation thanks to our car being in the garage (where it will be for at least the next two weeks) and the fact that #2 son is still dealing with health issues so we are going to head downtown (a good 1 hour each way) by bus, train, and subway to see the bilingual doctor that we really like. I don't mind the clinic that is just a mile from our house for most things but we went to this other doctor a couple of weeks ago and some new things are happening so I'd like to go back for a follow-up with the same doctor who already has a good idea of what my son is having for symptoms and what medicines he is on.

Here is the plan for today as well as some weekly goals:
Weekly Goals-
1. Finish costume for elementary play.
2. Write a Menu plan for the week and stick to it.
3. Finish translating the Primary Class lessons for VBS.
4. Mail insurance paperwork.
5. Read the Bible in English (this plan) and Spanish (the daily readings for SS lesson)daily.

Today's Plan:
1. Paint sets for elementary play. 9:15- 10:15
2. Start lunch and have it ready to finish when we get off the bus.
3. Finish washing dishes that didn't fit in the dishwasher last night.
4. Finish putting yesterdays 2 loads of clean laundry away and do one more load.
5. Take #2 son to the doctors (appt at 6pm. We'll be gone from the house from 4:30 to ?)
6. Post the weekly menu and write out grocery list.

Well, I feel good that at 12:45 I could already cross off a few items. And I have a half hour before I need to start walking to the bus stop to pick up the kids at school so I should be able to finish posting the menu and jotting a note for #1 son to preheat the oven when he gets home so that it is ready to throw the chicken parmesan in when I get off the bus with the others. I don't know yet exactly how the week will go so I am putting 2 meals for each day but they may end up getting switched around depending on whether we want the bigger meal midday or in the evening.

Weekly Menu
1. Chicken parmesan, leftover pasta with spaghetti sauce
2. egg salad sandwiches, chips, pickles
1. Fried rice, fruit salad
2. leftover chicken and gravy over toast or biscuits
1. White bean soup, salad, baguettes
2. BLT's, cucumber slices
1. pork loin chops with BBQ sauce, fried potatoes, mixed vegetables
2. omelettes
1. Pizza or homemade pepperoni rolls. (Does anyone have a good recipe for pepperoni rolls??????? that does not call for frozen bread dough since that doesn't exist here -- at least that I have found)
2. ?
1. Hotdogs at the baseball game
2. Macaroni salad with ham slices

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Kelly said...

My mother always made her pepperoni rolls from a cinnamon roll recipe. Which is a basic yeast roll recipe. I grew up in W.Va. and that is a standard recipe for them. If you go to the blog " Chickens in the Road " I do believe she has a recipe for them very similar to my moms. If that does not work , e-mail me and I will get Moms recipe and e-mail it to you .