Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday's little bites

Today was my husband's day off. Once again I was reminded that I need to have a very loose grip on my to do list when he is off .... things invariably go in a different direction but I am OK if I am not dead set on accomplishing several specific things, especially things at home. I mean, really, which is more important -- maintaining a good relationship with my husband and doing things together or being able to cross off a bunch of things off my list for the day?

We did get a few things done -- important stuff but not moving me towards my May deadlines. We dropped the car off at the garage and then rode the bus to the bus station to buy bus passes to use for the next few days or so. Then had breakfast together and stopped in at the police department to pick up everyone's new residence card. The kids and I are one step behind my husband so he was due to get his 5 year permanent residence but the rest of us are on our last "temporary renewal" which is normally good for 2 years and then needs to be renewed. When we picked them up all 6 cards had the same expiration date ... they are all good for the next 5 years! Praise the Lord we will have a break from the hassles of paperwork for a while.

Off to the store to pick up a few food items we will need tomorrow and Friday and won't be able to buy since the stores will all be closed for the next 2 days. I think one is a Madrid holiday and the other is National independence day (but don't quote me on that nor ask me which day is which because I don't know.)

I did not translate any today since hubby needed the computer when he was home but we all took advantage of the fact that tomorrow is a holiday and the kids don't have to get up early for school and all rode the bus, and train into the city and then saved subway money by walking the last 1/2 hour to church from the train station. We all decided to walk back to the station after church since we promised the kids if we didn't have to pay for the subway rides we would stop at the walk up window and buy ice cream cones from McDonalds. Yeah, I know it's not Ben&Jerry's but they didn't complain. Plus I walked off some calories and was not even tempted to get myself a cone.

Came across what sounds like an awesome deal tonight if you are needing to print out a bunch of digital photos. (like me) If you sign up with ArtsCow using the link here you will get credits for 400 free prints (spread out over the next 4 months) and a free 8x8 photo book (available after May 31). I look forwarding to placing and receiving my first order to see what their service is like. Can't beat the price!

Tomorrow we try to create a balance between a fun and relaxing day off and some productive time nibbling away at those elephants.