Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday: Update on Monday's Bites

I think yesterday was a prime example of the phrase "biting off more than you can chew" or perhaps it was yet another example of my natural tendency to get side tracked from the task at hand. Granted, my to do list was a little over the top. However, as I look back, it is obvious that I made a some choices that were not the wisest use of time. However, I do have pictures, links, and recipes. That alone makes for a fun post, right?

Let's look again at the lofty list of goals I had for the day.

1. The menu was penciled in on my magnetic note pad on the fridge but not (yet) posted to the web..... and probably won't be. Trust me, you are not missing anything special this week.
2. 2 loads washed, 1 dried, none folded or put away yet.
3. Expense reports were not touched. This was one of the not-too-wise time decisions. I offered to stay up late after my "planning meeting" with the hubby and do them but he said it wasn't crucial that we turn them in on today's deadline. We'll probably just push them off one more month. (unless I get a burst of energy to do them tonight between 9 and 11 ---- ha ha ha)
4. Strawberries are still in the fridge. I dare not take a peek since I have no time to do anything with them even if they are turning. They looked very good when I peaked on Sunday so I will deal with them tomorrow. (kind of makes me feel like Scarlett O'Hara --- tomorrow is another day, you know)
5. The kids were fed both lunch and dinner and I did get the lasagna put together which was an incredible blessing today when I was only home for 45 minutes between getting the theater ready for tonight's elementary play and returning to the school to pick up the kids and bring them home to feed them. Enough time to preheat the oven and pop the lasagna in to be cooking while I made the school run. Everyone ate well and we shouldn't have growling tummies during the play tonight.
6. My real time wasters were the new recipes I tried out to use up the peaches and the zucchini. The muffins were very sweet, not the texture I was really looking for but I probably would have realized that if I had read the recipe better. I kept getting distracted so we had some issues with burned bottoms and some undercooked trays. After all that (I doubled the recipe to use all the peaches I had cut up), half of the kids turned up their noses at them so I probably won't make them again. Should've just spooned the peaches into bowls and let the kids eat them with spoons.
This pie recipe did use up almost all of the zucchini I had but took a TON of time to peel, slice, de-seed, etc. Again, not the best use of my time. It was a bit disappointing warm and fresh out of the oven (would've been better with ice cream) and my hubby was not fooled into thinking it was apple pie. 3/4 of the kids really liked it the next day cold and it was more convincing as a mock apple pie today. Better time choice for yesterday would've been to a. shred it all and freeze for future zucchini bread or b. slice and add to the lasagna or c. saute and add to last night's meal. It sure did look pretty and smell nice cooking though.

7 & 8. Each of these areas needed more attention than I gave them. The weekly meeting with hubby went VERY WELL and we went beyond financial matters to discuss and make note of things that need to be addressed before I take off on a trip to the states and leave the rest of the family to fend for themselves without me for almost 3 weeks.

I'm off to dress for the theater .. that is, get myself and the kids ready to head to the theater where my #2 son will be king for the night in his school play. I hope to get some good pictures from the dress rehearsal to use in the school paper and to post here. Check back tomorrow for pictures. And head on over to 5 minutes for mom to see what others are tackling.


Jen @ Daily Mish Mash said...

You got a lot accomplished and that pie looks divine! I'm constantly quoting that Scarlett O'Hara line. She was the prettiest procastinator of all time!