Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday Tackle: Princess Room Redo (Part 1)

I've been promising Princess that I will paint her bedroom for... oh, well .... way too long. The original goal was to do it for her birthday (which was in February) but I obviously didn't reach that goal. I did get the new comforter cover sewn but still haven't hit the material pile to do the curtains or the pillow covers. I finally bought paint, roller, brush, etc and I think I have the supplies I will need once I am ready to paint. Today's tackle is to begin the process of prepping for the paint. I worked over the weekend to clear out her closet, removing an odd shaped shelving unit that wasn't working in there. I needed to make room to store her books and toys in there while we paint. Today I cleared out everything from the room except the bed, dresser and table. I cleared off the shelving that I never really liked in there and hubby took it apart and moved it out to the balcony to be used to store the things that were out there. Then I attacked the removal of the wallpaper border that the previous tenants had put up. It took some doing and quite a few sprays of my homemade wallpaper remover (fabric softener and hot water) but I finally got it all off, the floor swept up and the bed cleared off so she can sleep there tonight. Next step is to patch the holes in the wall and prep for paint. Do I need to wash down the walls? Is soapy water enough?
Check back here to see more progress on the room makeover.
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Betsy said...

Good luck!

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

OHHH what color are you painting it? How old is she? Aubrey LOVES LOVES to get her room painted too, though she's not to fond of the "doing" process!