Thursday, June 14, 2007

Overheard from the Princess carseat

Today was supposed to be a super special afternoon for the kids at school. The plan was to have a "water day" from recess till the end of school (11:45 -1:00). The boys went to school with bathing suits, water shoes, towels, etc and their empty 2 liter bottles with a hole punched in the cap to use as heavy duty waterguns. I had plans to head over to the school at 11:30 to rescue the #1 son (whose arm is in a cast)from the mayhem. Well, as Murphy's Law would have it, today was an overcast, chilly day. The principal cancelled the water festivities for today and the school will try again next Wednesday. OK, we'll discuss the joys and challenges of public school in another post. This one is to share the hilarious thing that Princess came out with. Good thing I wasn't eating something at the time.
My first grade son came out of school a bit disappointed that they hadn't played in the water (he was all prepared having worn the bathing suit and water shoes to school so he didn't have to change into them) but anxious to share how those silly girls in his class had been showing off the fact that they had their bathing suits under their clothes. We made a little comment about the immodesty of it all and got in the car. A couple of blocks down the street and he was telling me again how so&so was lifting her shirt and showing off her bikini to everyone. Without missing a beat ,Princess pipes up ...
"That's not good! You shouldn't be showing your zuchini bottoms to anyone!"
I don't think I'll ever look at a zuchini the same way again.