Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday: Closets

There is a spanish saying that translates literally "Don't take off your smock/hat until the 40th of May" (It rhymes in Spanish and sounds much better Ü) Well, we're four days away from "May 40th" and even did have a little bit of chilly weather last week, but judging from the temps of the last few days we won't be seeing sweater weather again for a long time. Yesterday I decided to do the final season switch of clothing in my husband and my closet. I had changed over the clothes in my dresser but our hanging clothes hadn't been changed yet. Fortunately we have a large closet in our office so all I have to do is rotate the clothes, hangers and all. I know there are several items that I probably should get rid of but I'm not sure which. I read somewhere a trick for seeing what items you haven't worn in a month/ 3 months/ year. It said to hang the hangers facing the wrong way and then once you wear an item when you hang it back up turn the hanger around to "normal". Then periodically you can check and see at a glance the items that have not been worn by the direction of the hangers. My plan is to check the closet in August or early September and get rid of any items that are still on "backwards" hangers unless I can figure out a really good reason why they haven't been worn but should still be kept.
I didn't do the hanger thing with hubby's clothing. I'll see if it works for me first before suggesting it to him.
My other tackle is taking place all this month. See what it is in this post. For a look at what others are accomplishing check out 5 minutes for Mom.


Dawn said...

That is a great idea about hanging the hangers backwards and checking them in a certain amount of time. I just might do that.