Monday, June 11, 2007

Menu Plan Monday: June 11-17

Although I am posting this way too late for any MPM readers to care, I decided to go ahead and post it so I have a record of the plan in case I decide to repeat menus a few weeks or months down the road. Because I do plan to pitch the cute little paper lists I post on the fridge each week. I must kill the clutter monster ... it WILL happen .... one piece (bite?) of junk paper at a time.

lunch: cheeseburgers & chips
Dinner: Rosca (store bought -- a large wreath shaped loaf of bread with ham and cheese inside, heat in the oven and serve. I was feeling lousy so this was an easy thing for hubby to do. However he said the fillings were pretty lean so he added some more ham and turkey from our fridge.)

Lunch: leftover BBQ pork from last week, buttered egg noodles, corn
Dinner: late "snack" stuff -- crackers and peanut butter, sliced apples, babybel cheese bites

Lunch: Meatball subs (meatballs in crockpot)
Dinner: spinach salad with leftover cut up chicken from last week. I basically use this recipe for the dressing. Normally I leave off the water chestnuts and add strawberries in season or canned mandarin oranges in the winter. This time I left out the fruit in the salad and added red pepper, cukes, cherry tomatoes. Love the dressing but it makes tons. I cut the recipe in half and have enough in my tupperware container for another day as well, since some in the family would rather have just oil and vinegar (that would be son #2 and sometimes the hubster).

Lunch: tuna salad
Dinner: lasagna

Lunch at the school after 6th grade graduation
Dinner: Left-overs of lasagna or pizza

Lunch: homemade macaroni and cheese with cut up ham (ham from the freezer-- needs to be used up), broccoli
Dinner: breakfast for supper -- pancakes or waffles

Brunch after church: sausage and egg casserole, fresh fruit salad, biscuits? (depending on how I feel and if the weather is super hot or not)
Dinner: no clue. Probably everyone fend for themselves, or clean out the fridge.