Friday, April 18, 2008

A blast from the past

I was surfing a bit and came across a blog post on crazy April Fool's pranks. The writer was soliciting stories of our favorite pranks in her comment section and I felt the need to contribute even though it is a good 2 weeks old and I conveniently managed to ignore the little holiday this year. After spending the time to remember and write out my crazy high school prank I thought I might as well share it here since I have not been very good at posting lately. This is for all (5) of you who actually come here all on your own and not through a WFMW, Meal plan Monday, or tackle it Tuesday link.

One of my best pranks was when I was a senior in high school. I was part of a special "seminar" class that met in the teachers' lounge of the school library. A few days before the 1st I found out that the library was purging some old reference books and they were thrown away in the school dumpster. Before class I snuck into the lounge and placed them on the bookshelf behind my seat. When the teacher was a few minutes late coming to class I had my chance to fool my classmates. This was so out of character for me that they were dumbstruck. I started ranting about how sick I was of school and of always being the goody two shoes and that I would explode if I didn't do something crazy. I grabbed the big fat book off the shelf behind me and started ripping it to shreds. Meanwhile the other "honor students" were horrified and grabbing at me to stop me before our teacher came in. What fun it was to laugh and say April Fools right as the teacher walked in!


Lois said...

Alice...that is hilarious....AND so out of character for you that it makes it so much funnier!

The SC Elwarts said...

It's amazing what you learn about teachers. There goes that "teacher" image. :)

A Weaver's Touch said...

That's a GREAT one, Alice! Sorry, contrary to Susan's comment, I never saw your "teacher image" and think this prank fits you perfectly! :)