Monday, April 28, 2008

Breaking down the elephant

This next month is chock full of deadlines for me ... elephant-sized tasks that have me a bit paralized when I think about how to get them done without falling back on my normal "stay up all night the night before it is due" pattern. So I am going to try to put my blog title into practice and break up those tasks into bite sized mini-tasks. I will try to set 3 or 4 small goals for each day that should be easily accomplished with some concentrated effort each morning.
Today's goal was to find the body shop for our car and check out getting the car fixed where my husband put a hole in the side of the wheel well when he ran over something last Saturday at 1 am coming home from a youth activity. The mechanic thinks there is more than just body work wrong and urged us not to drive the car too much. So tomorrow I need to contact the insurance company, do a few errands that will be hard to do once we enter the next few weeks of "carlessness" and buy some bus passes to use to get the kids to and from school for the time that the car is in the shop. The mall is on the errand list because I promised the kids I would take them for Ben and Jerry's free ice-cream day. The other little goal today was to get a menu plan made for the week so I can not be distracted by the nagging What's for Dinner question every day. If I find that I can get online without being tempted to waste time I may try to post my bitesized goals each day so I can check them off and be "accountable" to you readers. However, please understand if I find that the temptation to flee from my responsibilities and escape into blogging land causes me to have to go cold turkey for a while.

Menu Plan for the week
Breakfast-- oil bread (toast with olive oil and fresh chopped tomato spread --very Spanish)
Lunch: Quiche, cucumber salad, applesauce
Dinner: leftovers (lentils from last week)

Lunch-- Hamburgers at McDonald's followed by free ice cream at Ben & Jerry's
Dinner-- cream of zucchini soup

Breakfast--Cereal and toast
Lunch-- Foil pack taco chicken, broccoli
Dinner-- sandwhiches and chips

Thursday: No School --National Holiday
Breakfast-- Waffles
Lunch-- cheesy chicken crescent dinner
Dinner-- ?

Friday: No School -- Regional Holiday
Breakfast-- French Toast
Lunch-- Fried Rice, fruit salad
Dinner-- Homemade Pizza

Breakfast-- ?
Lunch-- Macaroni salad, Ham slices
Dinner-- Dad's choice (I have a VBS planning meeting)

Sunday: Spanish Mother's Day but we won't be going out, especially if we are without a car
Breakfast-- ? No plan but I imagine there will be breakfast in bed for me
Lunch-- Crock pot roast (if I can find one at a good sale tomorrow), mashed potatoes, carrots, apple crisp with icecream (This is all something that I will start but then my hubby will step in and finish up when we get home from church. He can work his magic on the mashed potatoes and all I will need to do is make the gravy and mix up the topping for the apple crisp.)
Dinner-- leftovers or general grazing Ü