Monday, November 12, 2007

Another favorite recipe : Cream of zucchini soup

Here's one of our family favorites that I learned how to make from a Spanish lady in our church. The key to this being an easy soup to make is an immersion (stick) blender. I tried making this for my parents once when I went home to Massachusetts for a visit and had to blend the soup in small batches in their blender and it was kind of a pain and time consuming. But with the stick blender I have here it is done in a flash.

Cream of Zucchini soup (I think it sounds better in Spanish -- Crema de Calabazin)

Start with these ingredients. I use greater quantities to feed my hungry crowd and hopefully have a little leftover for another day.

2 or 3 large zucchini
1 or 2 large potatoes
1/2 medium onion
olive oil
salt and pepper
ground nutmeg

Peel zucchini and slice into thin slices. Chop onions. In a medium to large pot cover bottom with olive oil and heat oil. Add zucchini and onion and stir well to coat veggies with oil. Saute and then add a pinch of salt and cover the pot to cause the veggies to "weep" and cook until soft, stirring often so the onions don't burn. Add a splash of water if needed but usually there is enough water in the squash to keep it from burning. Just keep the cover on.

Peel potatoes and cut into cubes. In a seperate pot cover potatoes with water and boil over medium heat. Sprinkle top of the water with nutmeg. Cook until potatoes are tender (as if you were going to mash them).

When zucchini is tender, remove from heat. Using a slotted spoon, add the potatoes to the zucchini and onion. Blend well using a stick blender or transfer the veggies in batches to your blender, adding some of the potato water to thin it down. Once the veggies are well blended and smooth, thin to soup consistency with the cooking water from the potatoes and milk. I once made this for my lactose intolerant brother in law and used no milk and it was still good, but I like to go at least half and half water/milk when I make it for our family. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Garnish if desired with chives or bacon bits.

End up with this .... a creamy bowl of hot soup to take the chill away.


Anonymous said...

Alice, Just read your other website...what a wonderful opportunity~ I am excited for you and will be praying that all works out! Would stuffing be something that you could share with them or do they eat that??