Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Works for me Wednesday: Backwards day

Today is backwards day at Works for me Wednesday hosted over at Rocks in my Dryer. Instead of sharing a tip we are to ask a question and see if the blogosphere has any suggestions for us. I have two things, totally unrelated but perhaps I can get some ideas that will work for me.
1. See yesterday's post for my new challenge. I'm pretty sure that the Beach Boys weren't talking about this when they put out Endless Summer, but I feel like my internal heater is working overtime. Anyone have anything that has worked for them in dealing with hot flashes and the like?

2. Anyone have any great ideas for how to store loaves of bread? I don't have much space in the cupboards and less counter space for a bread box. I bought a basket and tried keeping the bread in that but I have to stand the loaves on end to fit in the basket and it just always looks messy. Oh, and there is no drawer big enough to fit bread in either. Any ideas????


Melissa said...

i always keep my bread in the fridge and extra loaves in the freezer :)

ellen b. said...

I take a little white pill every morning and my hot flashes are few and far between and no more monthly flow Yippee!

whymommy said...

Hot flashes -- I put a cool, damp washcloth on the back of my head where the heat comes out the most. Or my little ones put their cold little hands there while we all giggle about it. You have to have a sense of humor, right?

Good luck -- hot flashes are so annoying, but at least winter is coming!

ann said...

Bread: Well, I do store mine in a drawer, so that idea won't work for you. I used to store mine in the fridge and freezer, which someone else already suggested.

How about in a lidded picnic basket on top of the fridge? The basket would look decorative, but it would be practical and the bread would be enclosed and protected.

The picnic basket could be placed in other locations, as well, but I don't know your kitchen. Maybe on top of a set of shelves or on a side table?

NeedANap2 said...

I thought this post by Amy was good (and read the comments!). Could you hang a bag (like she talks about) from a cabinet door or somwhere? (Would that make the bread squishy?)

You could freeze the bread, then take out how many slices you need for that day.

(I have no suggestions for your other question, sorry!)

Marie said...

For hot flashes my mom takes black cohosh (or was it blue?). She swears by it. She also takes MSM, which keeps her hair and skin from flaking and breaking.

Mom2fur said...

Get yourself one of those inexpensive hand-held fans! I keep one at my desk at work and blast myself every time I need it.

Mom2MiniDogs said...

I've been having serious problems with my internal thermostat too for year now! After my hysterectomy I took Premarin for 12 yrs and then I began to have round the clock hot flashes. Like 2-3 per hours, 24 hours a day! I don't know why Premarin stopped working. We tried everything else including shots, patches, vitamin and herbal stuff, compounds, etc. Nothing helped. I finally went back on Premarin and after some time the hot flashes have really slowed down and yet I just plain stay hot all the time.

Here is how I've coped:
*Keep the thermostat at 69-70 no matter what the temperature outside. Fortunately this does not freeze my husband but I keep sweaters and afghans for visitors. They can wrap up but I can't take any more clothes off! LOL!
*Talcum powder. I recently found Anti Monkey Butt powder at my local Tractor Supply. I bought it for a gag gift for my sister but she said it worked great! So I got some for myself. It's a calamine powder so it also helps with itching and oozing of poison ivy.
*A small fan on my bedside table blowing right on me, ON HIGH!
*Keep cherry pit bags in the freezer. They are great for migraines or to put on you when you are suddenly flushed!
*Drink a cold drink or ice water. I notice that every time I drink something hot like my beloved coffee, I really heat up.
*Wear light clothing. Don't wear anything around your neck like a scarf, mock turtleneck or turtleneck.
*Nobody else in my family keeps their house cool enough so when I visit I'm usually miserably hot and sweating. Wear light clothes, drink cold drinks and take a washcloth in a bag in your purse. You may need to excuse yourself to the bathroom, strip your shirt off and wipe down with your cool washcloth. Rest a minute and let yourself cool off. Then put your shirt back on and rinse out your washcloth and go back. Most of the photographs of me show my red, shining face. It's so embarrassing.
*Avoid leather couches, chairs; avoid manmade textiles in your upholstery. It traps and holds your heat around you. Many times I have to sit on the hard wooden dining room chairs at someone's house because I can't stand the heat of their pretty leather couches. I asked my brother-in-law to make me a chair with a box fan but he hasn't done it yet! LOL!
*Wear cotton underwear. I've even bought cotton jersey boxer shorts.
*Keep fresh wipes in your bathroom for quick wiping to cool down. It gives you a quick way to wipe your neck, face, etc and freshen you up.