Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Meanderings: October 8-14

I had great plans last week but only a few actually materialized. With three trips to the doctor and school meetings, etc. I think I blogged less this week than I have in a long time. We´ll try again this week and see how we do. Go visit Tiany to see what other´s are planning this week.

Bible Study/Devotional plan: This week I will just keep it simple and set the goal of actually accomplishing each daily reading on it's scheduled day. I'm using this plan and am on week 41 right now. Didn´t get any catch up reading done last week. Will try again this week.
Must Do: Many must do´s are carried over from last week.
1. Financial-- pay rent, find receipts for filing expense reports, contact doctor in the states regarding medical billing
2. Grocery Shop -- again try to keep the list as small as possible
3. PRAY (We are entering a two week span of time in which several decisions will be made by others that will decide, in part, the location of our future ministry)
4. School -- find papers and book that need to be turned in to the teachers, get 3 photos of Princess for her preschool class, attend 2 teacher conferences.
5. FUN- plan something fun for the family on Friday, which is a national holiday here so that means we ALL have the day off.

Zone: Do Flylady´s challenges for the KITCHEN this week and continue the attack on the bedroom and laundry.

Train Them Up: Focus on several quick pick-ups throughout the day.

Menu Planning:

Breakfast- cold cereal
School Snack- cherry tomatoes and yogurt drink
Mid-day meal- sandwiches with cold cuts and cheese
Evening meal- quiche, asparagus, cheesy macaroni

Breakfast- Oatmeal
School Snack- Bocadillo, croissant with nocilla (chocolate hazelnut spread)
Mid-day meal- cream of zuchini soup
Evening meal- BLT sandwiches

Breakfast- homemade egg "mcmuffins"
School Snack- apple slices, banana bread
Mid-day meal- landlubber´s paella
Evening meal- tuna croissants

Breakfast- cold cereal
School Snack- croissant sandwich for Princess, apple slices
Mid-day meal- raw veggies and cheese cubes, crackers
Evening meal- pork chops and scalloped potatoes, squash

Breakfast- waffles
Mid-day meal- Chili and cornbread (Another variation of¨"beans, bread and water")
Evening meal- snacks or pizza

Saturday no plan yet-- we´ll move Friday´s meal to Saturday if we decide to go on a picnic or sightseeing for Friday´s holiday.
Sunday Broasted chicken dinner
Don´t forget to head on over to Laura´s for more menu plans.


MrsMomma said...

Looks like a great week planned! Hope it goes well for you. I'll try to post how I get the check marks sometime this week. Check back with me soon!

Happy Week!

mamasutra said...

After seeing a menu with all the meals planned out for the week, I know that this has to be my next goal. Your meals look great! have a wonderful week!