Thursday, October 18, 2007

Her First Lanz

My little princess eagerly explored the bag of hand-me-down clothes from a missionary friend of ours in the next town over who often passes on gently used clothing that her daughters have outgrown. We examined each piece and hung those articles that would fit on hangers in the closet or neatly folded items for the dresser. My eyes lit up as did hers when I reached in the bag and pulled out this flannal nightgown. But not just any flannal nightgown ... it is a Lanz of Salzburg gown. Ah, the memories of a Lanz of Salzburg flannal nightgown. It is one of my warm and fuzzy memories of growing up in New England with the cold winter nights. My Mom would get my sister and me new LOS gowns each year, usually at Christmas. Now my daughter has her first one and she loves it. I may have a hard time getting her to wear any of her pajamas now.

I haven't had a flannal gown for years. My husband puts out enough heat for the two of us, plus I live smackdab in the center of sunny Spain and the temperatures just don't dip quite enough for such sleepwear to be necessary. And I'm not even taking into account the most recent addition of my own personal endless summer. It's nice to have a Lanz back in the house. I think Princess will gladly carry on the tradition for me.


Gramma said...

My sweet granddaughter - How beautiful you look in your LOS. I must admit you are way ahead of me because living where I do I had never heard of LOS, so enjoy another special blessing from the LORD just for you. He delights in giving us happy hearts that want to rest in Him, so rest well in your wonderful LOS. Love you lots, Gramma

megan said...

That gown brings back memories! I think I had one just like it about 35 years ago!