Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Online Math "flashcards"

My boys really need some drilling to improve their speed and accuracy when doing basic addition, subtraction and multiplication facts. But flashcards are so boring, providing we could find where I have the card decks stashed away. Enter this website. They have several games but the ones we are using right now are the Two Minute Warning games. You have 2 minutes to solve as many addition, subtraction or multiplication facts as you can. At the end it will tell you the total number right and wrong. We are charting their scores and the goal is to try and get the number of correct answers to increase. Before they can play other things on the computer they need to do 1, 2, or 3 two minute drills. My 2nd grader is averaging in the teens right now, the 5th grader in the 20's, and the 7th grader hit 30 or 40 the other night. They don't complain about doing it because it is only 2 minutes and it is fun to mess with the number pad on the keyboard.
Improving their math skills "painlessly" ... that works for me!
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