Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday's Tackle: Getting the creative juices flowing

This morning was a scheduled "craft time" at a friend's house. She planned two "creative Tuesdays" back in December in an effort to get to know some of the ladies in her neighborhood and (hopefully) make some contacts as she and her husband plan to start a church there soon. The first meeting in December was to make and decorate Christmas cookies. Remember the picture of my creations here?
The second Tuesday was a craft project that I would've loved to do (they made Chrismas plates by cutting designs out of printed napkins and used mod podge to glue them to the backside of clear glass plates). I missed that one because my youngest son was inaugurating the "family clinic" with the first of a month full of illness.

The women all enjoyed themselves and decided to meet once a month to continue the creativity. Today we made picture collages in clear glass frames using scrapbooking techniques. Ten minutes before I was supposed to be there, I was still searching the house to find my photo paper to print out some of my digital pictures. I found it just in time and today I tackled Collage #1 for Princess's bedroom wall. Since we bought her brother a new bed and moved him out of her bedroom, there is no need to keep the unsightly homemade bunk bed up. Soon I will persuade hubby to take the thing apart and then I will have a wonderfully blank wall to fill. Today I decided I would make several of these framed collages with pictures of my little girl and her friends and family. Today's was titled SMILE. I think I will do other one word themes for the ones to go with it (like DREAM, LOVE, PLAY etc.) Any other great ideas for more titles?

Doesn't she have the greatest smile ever?

I had so much fun this morning and it has awakened the desire to get out my own scapping supplies and get creative with the boxes of old photos that I have lying around collecting dust. Besides, it was much more enjoyable than yesterday's feeble attempt to scale Mt. Washmore. (which, by the way, I must get back to now)
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The Flying Monkeys said...

Very good! I did a SEMI- tackle, but it looks better then it did!

Lynne said...

How pretty, your little girl and the pretty pink paper!

corrin said...

Very cute. I do NOT have a knack for scrapping.

Heather said...

What a great, fun tackle! And the collage is just precious. Wonderful idea! ;o)