Thursday, February 14, 2008

mother´s work is never done

1:30 am 2 trays of Rice Krispy Treats made and ready to be brought in to the 2nd and 5th/6th grade classes to bring a bit of American Valentine´s Day to an otherwise ignored holiday in the classrooms. CHECK

24 cupcakes baked and frosted for Princess to bring in to her preschool class to celebrate her Valentine´s Birthday #5 CHECK

Tell me again, why did I induce labor so I could have her birthday fall on Valentine´s Day????

Goodnight --- morning will come too soon I fear. And when I do wake up I have a kitchen full of dirty dishes waiting for me because I do not have the energy to wash them right now.


Anonymous said...

You could have made 100 cookies like I did. The cookies on my blog were gingersnaps with cinnamon hearts for decoration. Obviously not a very good picture.

Rice Krispies sound good right now.