Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Double Tackle

Although according to blogger this is my 100th post, coming up with the standard "about me" post that I seem to see on other's blogs is going to have to be a tackle for another day.

Two things were tackled today.
#1. My husband and I went to the comissary this morning to turn in our paperwork to renew our residency. I spent a good portion of time over the weekend and yesterday making photocopies and getting everything in order. It took over an hour to process the 6 applications, but the woman that we got was very pleasant and we think that it certainly helped that I had everything in packets, neat and organized and in the order that it was on the list. We all go back on Friday March 28 with more pictures, receipts from the bank showing that we have paid the fee for new id cards, and we sign the papers and leave our fingerprints. It will be nice to have the whole thing done for another couple of years.

#2. The dresses for this Saturday's wedding arrived via Fed Ex yesterday. Praise the Lord! Today my daughter and I met with a friend who has 3 little girls and she worked on Princess's hair to come up with a hairstyle for Saturday. I had been thinking of some kind of french braid but with her hair being so fine, Teresa came up with a simpler idea using little clips that she had. They are almost the exact color of the dress so that will be nice. We came home and played around with the curling iron to see if we want the rest of the hair to be straight or curled. Then she tried on the dress .... a perfect fit.

Head on over to 5 Minutes for Mom to see what others are tackling this week.


corrin said...

oh, she's a cute one. though, it doesn't look like she's too keen on the new hairdo. haha.

Anonymous said...

i love the dress! it reminds me of one that my dd wore for my sil's wedding last year!

Heather said...

Aww.. she looks adorable! Bet you'll be glad when that wedding is over. lol They can be so stressful, even when you're not the one getting married! Way to go, getting your tackles done. ;o)

Miss Cindy said...

I like the dress and the hair! Have fun on Saturday.