Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday:Wedding Out-takes

What you get when you let your 12 year old have the digital camera at the wedding, because you are busy before and during the ceremony.

Total strangers milling around outside

Side shots

downward angle shots

Silly faces

More silly faces

Baby shots

More baby shots (there were actually more than a half dozen of this little girl)


More close-ups .... REALLY close up

Blurry/out of focus shots

More blurriness

And a few nice candids like this one

And this one.

Here is one that I shot while the photographer was getting some shots of the wedding party. Princess is the last girl on the right and #2 son is third in from the left.


Miss Cindy said...

Nice pictures, Stephen! You and mom will be in competition soon.

Anonymous said...

enjoyed your pictures, Stephen! Fun shots - Gramma