Wednesday, March 5, 2008

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Speaking my love language

My 7 year old greeted me as I came out of the bathroom after my morning shower. He was soooooo proud of himself ... he had already made his own bed and gotten his room "house fairy ready" and decided to make my bed too since he noticed I hadn't done it first thing as I normally do.
Never mind that there are no sheets under there (I had stripped them and was going to make up the bed with fresh sheets after dropping the kids off at school.) This kid is speaking my love language (acts of service) and he hasn't even read Chapman's book. You can bet he got a big hug and kiss (his love language is touch. Ü) and I will just quietly put sheets on today and sneak that comforter on just the way he had it before he gets home from school.