Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The blogging break is unavoidably extended

Our high speed internet is not working. I am able to get dial up service but I dare not stay on long since I am not sure what it is costing me. After many phone calls to our ISP company and two trips cross town to my friend's house to test out our router in her house we have determined that the router is not the problem and the ISP company assures us that they are not the problem, so now we have a service call in to the telephone company to come out and replace the "box" where the phone lines enter our home. The phone lines are working but not the data lines. At least that is how I understand the gobbledegook that I was hearing over the phone line from several customer service reps with varying degrees of helpfullness.
So ..... although I am going into blogging withdrawal, all my great posts from our Christmas break will have to wait.
Unfortunately our vonage line also will not work and I am really sad about that since we didn't get to talk with our family and friends like we usually do on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.


Anonymous said...

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