Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What happens when Mom decides to have a play day

I was gone all day today playing tourist. We have a visitor staying with us all this week and I wanted to take her to my favorite "day-trip" city ..... Segovia. We got in around 8pm or so (the hubby was off today so he took care of the kids after school) and princess was needing to "confess" what she had been up to today to Mommy. The picture is posted as a "wordless Wednesday post" here. Hmmm. I remembered another similar event back a few years ago and I found the old post and photo from my other blog. I think I am seeing a pattern here ... when Mom's away ....

I came home from the monthly ladies’ meeting at church
and discovered that little Miss Picasso had been busy.
There was black marker scribbled all over the hallway walls
in four places. Tim called her over and pointed to the wall
and asked, “What’s this?”
“Marker.” (It’s one of her favorite words although it sounds
more like mar-care.”
They walked to the second spot. “Princess, what’s this?”
Repeat scene at spot 3 and 4. Then Tim firmly pointed
to the last and largest spot and said “Princess, NO!” at which
point her big smile at being able to use her new favorite word
melted into big crocodile tears. Mommy and the budding artist went to work
cleaning up the mess (not TOO big a job thanks to Mr. Clean
Magic Eraser and the fact that we only allow washable markers
in this household.)