Friday, October 16, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

This is my first time to participate in the Friday Company Girl Coffee. Rachel really inspired me with her post on getting your "gift center" set up. I don't have a place yet to set up a gift closet like hers but for a long time I had a system for organizing the wrapping paper and gift bags that was working well for me. I used an old garment bag and had the paper rolls bows, gift bags and tissue stored neatly away and hanging in my coat closet. It was convenient and everyone knew where the supplies were (although we never could keep a pair of scissors from wandering off). Well, a few months ago the bag got a little too full and heavy and it broke. Now it would not hang up anymore but continued to be stuffed in the closet. The paper was wrinkling and there was no room for the 9 rolls of Christmas paper I found on a fantastic markdown recently.


The old system for storing our wrapping supplies was no longer working.

A week ago my husband reached his tolerance limit with our son`s bedroom and we went on a rampage to rid his room of a ton of unneccesary junk. I came across this large under the bed box that was not being used for anything important.

This morning I gathered up the wrapping supplies from around the house, put the ribbon and bows in clear ziploc bags so I can see easily what colors and sizes I have, and it all fits in the big box.

Christmas paper stashes under the bed needs a new home.


I don't have a spot clear under my bed for this so it is temporarily standing on end in the corner of the dining room.

It is out of the way and will be fine until we need to turn the heat on in the house. Hopefully by then I will have decluttered a spot under my bed to store the supplies.
Thanks, Rachel, for the kick in the pants to deal with this before the holiday season gets into full swing.


One More Equals Four said...

Welcome to Coffee talk, glad you could join us! Great gift wrapping center, and out of the way! I have mine in a drawer of an antique dresser. It is great except it isn't wide enough for the extral long rolls of paper so I have to be careful about the rolls I buy!

Have a great weekend and enjoy visiting with all the Company Girls!

carikaufm said...

Looks awesome! Wanna come to my house? Two weeks away and I am woefully behind on just about everything!

Welcome to Company Girls! It is great to have you!

Aiming4Simple said...

Welcome! I'm impressed that you took such swift action. Happy wrapping!

mholgate said...

Great job! I keep my paper in an old bucket that I wrapped up to make it look pretty. My bags are stored in an old diaper bag. What I realized this week is that I don't have any bows! Funny, I guess I just always buy them and use them right away so I never have any extras around.

Thanks for sharing coffee with us this week!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Company Girl Coffee!!! You did a fantastic job on the wrapping. Crazy me, I like to have my giftbags all lined up by size, but my daughter takes it out all the time to gift people with tissue paper boxes (pretend), so I had to get in there to reorganize it. Everything else is boxed up, so it wasn't too hard for me to get the points that day, but my daughter will probably "organize" it her own way by next week. Oh well. She does put it back when she's done so I can't complain. =p Have a blessed week, and hope to visit with you again next time.

Danielle said...

I am not sure if I have the right blog or not. You wrote about wanting to join the Christmas Crunch Challange on my blog. Did you send me an e mail? If not could you please send me your e mail so I may invite you to the private blog that will be hosting the challenge. Thank you.