Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu Plan Monday Feb 2-8, 2009

I am still using my master menu list although I had to flex a bit and stray from the "assigned categories" for each day of the week due to this week's schedule of events. Here is the rough plan for the week: (Instead of lunch and dinner I will just put meal 1 and meal 2 since I don't always know ahead of time when my hubby will be here to eat with us and which meal should be the "big meal" of the day.

Mon 2/2
Breakfast: Baguette toast with olive oil, juice
School snack: sliced granny smith apple
Meal 1: Rotisserie chicken, rice or ali-oli potatoes, broccoli
Meal 2: last practice session to determine which spanish tortilla "recipe" I will submit tomorrow to the town tortilla contest.

Tuesday 2/3
Breakfast: Oatmeal
School snack: bocadillo de tortilla (with left over tortilla from mon. dinner)
Meal 1: We will be at the tortilla day festivities and will either eat snacks or stand in line for free tortilla.
Meal 2: chorizo sausage, salad, eat up my (prize-winning?) tortilla entry

Wed. 2/4
Breakfast: cold cereal
School snack: croissants with peanut butter or nocilla spread
Meal 1: Fried rice (with bacon, peppers, scrambled eggs, onions, etc)
Meal 2: Dad's choice (it is his turn to stay home with the little ones while I go to prayer meeting with the older ones and stay for choir practice)

Thursday 2/5
Breakfast: toast with jam or honey, fruit
School snack: homemade cookies
Meal 1: Burritos with salad toppings, tortilla chips
Meal 2: soup and crackers

Friday 2/6
Breakfast: homemade egg (Mc)muffins
School snack: peanut butter crackers, juice box
Meal 1: pizza
Meal 2: We are babysitting for some friends' children and don't know yet if it is in our home or theirs.

Sat 2/7
Breakfast: Banana bread
Meal 1: Beef and broccoli, rice or egg noodles
Meal 2: hot dogs and macaroni and cheese

Sun 2/8

Breakfast: cereal
Meal 1:lasagna, salad
Meal 2:leftovers or snacks

Head on over to Laura's to see what others have on their menu this week.


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