Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Internet Woes

Wouldn't you know it, just after I blog that I am going to try to blog more regularly again, my internet goes crazy. First another ISP hijacked our line and left us with no option but to continue service with them for the next month or two since it will take at least a month to switch us back to the company we had. We got our router configured to work with the new company and then our new antivirus and firewall program decided to go Nazi on us and block all internet access from our desktop computer. The laptop still works plugged into the router so we know the router isn't the problem. However the laptop was supposed to be leaving on a two month trip with my husband the day after tomorrow. It may end up staying but that will put a crimp in his connectivity while he is away and will leave him doing all his work in longhand or borrowing someone else's computer. What a pain in the neck!

Who knows when I will get it all figured out. I will do my best to post whenever I can.