Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Playing with the blog

My son wanted to figure out how to add music to his blog. I knew that Rachel over at Home Sanctuary has a fun music player on her blog so I decided to check it out and see if I could figure it out for my son. I've just added one song so far (a fun song that the kids are loving right now). Upside: Fairly easy to set up the player and get it on the blog. Downside: I do not like the pop up photos that show up on the site that you go to to add songs to your player and I don't know that we could upload our own music. I imagine there won't be the kind of options I would like, but I probably can come up with some fun songs to add now and then. If you'd rather have a quiet blog-reading experience, just hit pause on the player button when you surf on.

BTW, I love men's acappella music so I was drawn to this song (pb&j)and thought I might even download the whole album for our upcoming long family car-trip but the song listing --including one about the book of Mormon -- convinced me that we'll keep on looking for other options.