Monday, June 9, 2008

party time

I am having a great time visiting my parents and flitting from anniversary party to graduation party to birthday party. I still have some shopping (tomorrow the plan is to head to the outlets. yippee), visiting with friends and family, a ladies' retreat with my mom and father's day. Then I pack it all into 2 suitcases and head back home to my own family. My husband (did I mention I married the best guy on the planet?) is holding down the fort well and is especially glad that we have a vonage phone that allows him to call me several times a day with questions like "how do I add time to the cell phone?", "where do we keep the bag of extra batteries?" "How do I pay the credit card online?" etc. I get the feeling that I am going to be appreciated in a new way when I get home.
Web access is very limited for me as my parents only have dial up access (read SLOW) and I don't plan to spend much more of my limited time left at the public library where I am hiding out and enjoying the air conditioning today.

My parents, my siblings and myself get a long overdue family picture at the 50th anniversary party.

Mom and Dad cut the cake now .....

and 50 years ago.

The recent college grad. Congratulations to my beautiful niece.

At the 88th birthday party for a family friend, also named Alice. Actually at this little tea party there were FOUR of us named Alice. That was a first for me!


Heather said...

Hey Alice! Fun photos. Thanks for the garment bag tip! That's a good idea.

We aren't doing furlough, have a couple of trips planned, one for 4th of July and then our staff conference. Our kids are starting at ECA which begins August 28 so we pushed furlough to next summer.

Jennifer said...

So, I should have pulled out my highschool tassle so I would have had one for each ear. ;)
See you this weekend! :D

Heather said...

Hi Alice! No, we're hoping it will work out for the kids to ride with one of the teachers that lives a few metro stops away. I'm also hoping to have a part-time job as an English-speaking teacher's aide at a bilingual school in Alcala. That's going to cut down on my free time a lot but we need to supplement our support some.