Wednesday, July 18, 2007

WFMW: Freezer Blessings

Things have been very busy in our home for the last few weeks. There was the end of school for the kids which didn't happen until way too late in June. Then we jumped right into preparations for the boys to go to camp and for the other children to go to friends' homes while "the adults" snuck away for a few days to celebrate our 20th anniversary. THAT was a great time!! We had visitors from the states for a few days and now we are back in packing mode for another camp week and a two week family trip. I was doing OK (just taking "one bite at a time") until I ran into some nasty germ that knocked me flat over the weekend. (see Monday's post)
I hadn't been out for a "real" grocery shopping trip and the cupboards were rather bare. I, personally, could've cared less about eating anything but I had 4 kids who were not going to go along with that idea. What to fix? I opened my freezer and, praise the Lord, I had my answer. I have lofty goals to keep my freezer stocked with wonderful meals that I can whip out at a moments notice on busy days. These goals, however, have not yet happened. I think when all 4 kids are in school this fall I will try a modified version of what Mrs. Pear does to stock her freezer by planning a "kitchen day" each week. But I have done one thing that certainly worked for me last Saturday when I was needing some major help.
When I buy ground beef I purchase the 1 kilo package. I know that 1 kilo equals 2.2 pounds and although I live overseas, I am an American so my recipe box is all in pounds and ounces. If I am going to brown the meat for use in tacos, burritos, or any other number of recipes I brown it all. Then I take a couple of cups of it (just eyeball what I think would be aprox 1/4 pound) and throw it in a Ziploc baggy and throw it in the freezer. This is just the right amount to add to a couple of cans of tomato sauce to make the spaghetti sauce that my kids love. Saturday the freezer was pretty bare except for a lone bag of already browned ground meat. There was pasta and tomato sauce in the pantry (I try to always have those in stock) so dinner came together in a flash.
So there you have it .... brown up a bunch of ground beef and save a little bit for your next pasta night. It sure works for me! Oh, and head on over to Shannon's for more great ideas from bloggityville.